Wednesday, March 30, 2011

List Twenty Nine - Favourite Foods

If the world was coming to its end, and there was only one food available to eat for the rest of our existence, I would want that food to be mushrooms! I am absolutely in love with all things mushroom. I started this little love affair about two years ago now, and still haven't found anything remotely comparable. Aside from mushrooms though, I am a huge fan of...

- Scones! Especially with jam and cream! 
- Sundried Tomatos. 
- Watermelon. 
- Potato Bake. 
- Bananas. 
- Tacos... or sometimes Burritos. 
- Home made Pizza. 
- Zucchini. 
- BBQ Eggplant. 
- Apple & Cinnamon anything! 
- Spring Veggie Dip with Carrots. 
- Tom Yum Soup. 
- Bruchetta. 
- The Leek Pasta from work.

Photos from here!


  1. Hi! Your blog is so sweet! Thanks for following mine! These scones look delicious, you have definately got me craving some now! :)

  2. Oh I know. I was thinking I will set some time aside on the weekend to make this morning tea. Thank you for following also x

  3. haha whoooa, i was over here drooling over the scones and i started reading and was shocked to see mushrooms. i tell people that i am allergic to them so i never have to eat them. but i'm glad you still had scones on the list :)


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