Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lauren's List

It has been a common practice amongst my friends to get up and say a few words about what we enjoy about the birthday friend. Like I mentioned in the previous post, the speech part of my 21st birthday was truly amazing. It was so lovely to hear such kind words from my parents, my sister and my two best friends. One of them however, took it upon herself to stray a little from the norm, and complied a list that was seemingly endless. I definitely need to share it with you. It reads...

"In the nature of Kaisha's recent list frenzy (for those of you who read her blog) here is a few things I know and love about Kaisha.

  • She prefers mints over chewing gum. 
  • She has a crush on Harry Potter. 
  • She is against wallets, and prefers her receipt filled coin purse. 
  • Has an incredible memory, especially when it comes to movie or Simpsons quotes. Or just anything in general. 
  • She gets angry when I say 'abracadabra' instead of 'avada kedavra'.
  • She loves mushrooms and eats them at every opportunity. One time she had a dream about mushrooms and throughout the past year has considered being a mushroom farmer. 
  • She has way too many jobs for one person. 
  • She rarely takes compliments. 
  • Has 50+ pets. 
  • Loves baking, especially cupcakes. 
  • Is super smart with one degree down and one to go. 
  • Enjoys writing creatively where she can be graded. 
  • Is a big nerd when it comes to stationary, highlighting, handwriting and colour schemes (but who isn't).
  • Loves books, including the smell. 
  • Kaish leaves her assessments to the last minute because she somehow works best under pressure despite the tears often involved. 
  • Prefers her clothes on the floor rather than hung up. 
  • Likes second hand shops for their cute vintage items. 
  • Has an illegitimate wife. 
  • Likes the juice of olives, but not the actual olive. 
  • Is an obsessive compulsive perfume user and abuser. 
  • She refuses to wear sunscreen. 
  • She is frantic about correct spelling and grammar. 
  • She cringes at people crunching or slurping their food. 
  • She is still waiting for her acceptance letter into Hogwarts. 
  • She is the only one who gets my jokes. 
  • She enjoys making similar lists. 

But more importantly, I just want to say HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY. We are all so proud of you and have no doubts that you will bring laughter and good times to all of us in the next 21 years. I love you".

Re-writing this and re-reading the one written by my other bestie has made me teary again. I love my friends.

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