Monday, March 14, 2011

30 Days of Lists: List's Nine - Thirteen

It's Monday again (my only day off)... which means I have just enough time to catch up on those list's that I didn't have time to post towards the end of last week. The list topics for the last five days have been rather interesting and completely unique to any other lists I have made for myself before. There were 'wish' list's, date night ideas and even a little 'to do' DIY list. Here goes...

List Nine - Favourite Websites

For this one I thought it would be fun to do a little cut and paste job... Although Google isn't on the list, it is definitely a favourite. Especially on special occasions where the logo is changed to suit the nature of the day. For everyone who thinks I am crazy, click here.

List Ten - Wish List 

Although my last wish will never happen, the rest of them have a real chance of coming true. There isn't many things on my wish list these days... I am pretty happy with my life the way it is at the moment.

List Eleven - Date Night Ideas

For a list like this I thought it would be appropriate to use a photo from one of the crazy date night's I had with my best friend last year. This is from a night where we planned to go to the Circus, but instead found ourselves out the front of a local roller rink, hiring skates and trying not to fall all night. Most of my date night ideas have come from previous dates I have had, as well as some that I think would be so wonderful. They can be shared intimately, or with a bunch of friends and still be equally as amazing.

List Twelve - Weekly Rituals 

A day off to get my affairs in order. 
Usually involves doing my law readings for the week. 
Some blogging and internet trolling. 
Lunch time visits. 

Sometimes regular work. 
Last week I played trivia (perhaps this could become the ritual?).

First regular working day of the week (Job # 2). 

Work Job # 1. 

Work Job # 2. 

Work Job # 1. 
Work Job # 2. 

Sleep in. 
If there is nothing to do, usually spend the day relaxing. 
Sometimes coffee/lunch dates. 

To be honest, I actually hated writing this list. It shows that at the moment, there is nothing ritualistic appearing in my week day schedule apart from a bunch of hours spent on university work and regular work. Perhaps that should change... 

List Thirteen - DIY Goals 

This list is pretty self explanatory... It's just a matter of time :(

That's all for now, but there are still 17 list's to go!!

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