Monday, March 21, 2011

Runaway To The Circus

Nothing screams childhood nostalgia like when the circus comes to town! So, for my 21st Birthday I decided to runaway to the circus... and lead all my family and friends in a night set to farewell my infant years (hence why I thought it appropriate to dress as the ring master). 

The night began in true carnival fashion... with popcorn and cotton candy in abundance. The sugary goodness was infectious and I became so incredibly overwhelmed with the arrival of so many of my beautiful family and friends.

All of the guests looked amazing! We had lion tamers, mimes, clowns, gypsies, fortune tellers, acrobats, circus animals and even our very own carnival technician.

For most of the night we pretty much just clowned around... it was the perfect opportunity to catch up with family members I rarely get to see, as well as my lovely friends of course.

After everyone's dinner had settled, it was time for the cake and speeches. The clown cupcakes came way of my talented best friend Kahlia. She saved the day by providing me something to "blow candles out on" when a number of cake ladies fell through. Equally as amazing was the surprise mushroom cake made during the day by my darling boyfriend (and aesthetics aside, it was delicious!)

Looking back on the night, I'd have to say that the speeches were definitely one of the highlights. Although they went a little longer than anticipated, I had the opportunity to thank a number of people for their positive impact on my life thus far, as well as having the pleasure of listening to such kind words spoken by those closest to me. My father (in true Dad form) thought it appropriate to share highly embarrassing stories will all of the guests. Likewise, my two best friends took some time to let out some of my deepest darkest secrets. But at the end of it all, I could not have been more appreciative for everyone that came along to celebrate.

As you know... the circus is extremely exhausting. So at the winding down of the night, the make up was removed and costumes were traded for hoodies and cardies. The few of us that remained drank wine and roasted marshmallows around an open fire.

Overall, I could not have been happier with the outcome of the event (except of course if it had to of stopped raining). My 21st Birthday in its entirety was definitely the best. I look back on the photos now, and think to myself how truely blessed I am to be surrounded by such amazing individuals.

Check back soon for a gift post... I received some lovely pressies!


  1. It sucks that it's raining when we could be out there "clowing around".
    Beautiful night. Lovely post my darlingx

  2. Aw looks like you had a fab time, the make up and outfits are amazing, I love fancy dress parties, esp when everyone makes a real effort, always makes for a memorable night xx


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