Monday, March 21, 2011

30 Days of Lists: List Eighteen - Twenty

A little belated... but here are lists eighteen to twenty that I missed over the weekend. Again, the ladies behind 30 Days of Lists have come up with some very  unique topics.

List Eighteen - Road Trip Must Haves

For this list, I decided to use a photo from a short, spontaneous road trip I took late last year. The last minute drive to the South Coast of NSW was complete with scenic hills, cute churches, various cattle and so so many lolly shoppe's! Once I was there, I enjoyed the company of some awesome people, sharing dinner and drinks on a balcony with an amazing beach view! And so, I've complied my list remembering that weekend.

List Nineteen - Recipes To Try

For a good while now, the only recipe to try on my cooking list involves mushrooms. It is one of my deepest desires to cook up a three course dinner using mushrooms as the primary ingredient. The only reason it hasn't been done yet is because I have been struggling to find a dessert that incorporates mushrooms (who would have thought?) However, I have recently learned that my lovely boyfriend has the hidden ability to bake a three dimensional cake in the shape of a mushroom! We agreed that this would become the option for the dessert half on the menu, but are yet to decide on what we will make for the entree and main courses. The dishes on my list are just something I think will really hit that mushroom spot. Also, I was kidding about the shake! I would rather remember this dinner date.

List Twenty - Celebrity Crushes

My biggest celeb crush is without an ounce of doubt, Johnny Depp. He is not your typical 'Brad Pitt' beautiful, but he has this element of mystery about him that really just does it for me. Maybe it's because he is the face behind so many mesmerising characters like Ichabod Crane, Edward Scissor Hands, Willy Wonka, Captain Jack Sparrow, and more recently, The Mad Hatter. Coming in at second place would have to be James Franco. Closely followed by Daniel Radcliffe, Michael Cera, Dallas Green and Travie McCoy... And I can't forget those men who are paid because they look good, Nicholas Lemons mmmmmm.

In the next few posts, I'll take a break from 30 Days of Lists, and share with you a little sentimental list written by one of my best friends made for my 21st last weekend :)

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